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Chayei Sarah Parsha Map - Story 32 - Abraham's Offspring
Chayei Sarah Parsha Map – Story 32 – Abraham’s Offspring

Ok… so now the movie ends, and we take the remote and change the channel and tune and we land on “The History Channel”, from before it stopped being about history! 
See, I am of that age that I still think of TV as a current and valid reference!
And it is a boring show, one of those that you put in the background to pass the time while you wait. I can imagine Isaac doing that… waiting for her future wife while having some noise in the background.
And the good old Friend Abraham Avoteinu returns to the story, and we know that he somehow managed to get a new wife: Keturah. Some say it was Hagar, just with a different name. And by some I mean Rashi. And if Rav Shlomo says so, I believe it! 

And oh my! Abraham and Keturah (Hagar), got busy!

That’s what happens when you live in the desert and don’t have a TV. 

[Side note] Because this post is never going to end, I am going to ramble a bit more about what’s going on in my head while I am on a plane writing this!: in the days of old TV was the distraction that somehow influences the previous generation into not-having kids, because then they had something to do. But the new generation {note inside the note… oh, I am feeling a bit old today… maybe it is because my Bday is next week?} are using Netflix to do the opposite…. to “keep busy” to “chill”. [/Side note]

But Abraham dies. I mean, he was old. He was the father of literally many nations. He was buried next to Sarah by his “two” sons Isaac and Ishmael.

Chayei Sarah Parsha Map - Story 32 - Abraham's Offspring No relations
Chayei Sarah Parsha Map – Story 32 – Abraham’s Offspring No relations

They (Abraham and Keturah) had 6 kids, 7 if Hagar is as Rashi suggest, Keturah (remember Ishmael?), And these kids had awesome names: Zimra, Joksham, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah.
Maybe they all play a role later on, but for now, the only one that I can recognise is Midian. His name will return on Season Two of this amazing story. And all these kids had more kids. Again, the dangers of not having a TV set at home!
Hagar is mentioned again by name, and we need to be reminded that she was Sarah’s Slave! give the woman a break! Please! And the lineage of Ishmael is then presented to us, with his 12 children (No daughters, look at that!) and an indication that they all were chieftains of their tribes. And we are told that they went east.
Oh, little detail: it is the “sons by concubines” that get sent east.Yes, Concubines. Plural. So that means that there were others that we don’t know about?
And that was about it, that was this week’s Parsha. See you around this week here and on IG for updates on the maps.

This is all for this week’s Parsha StoriesComeback next week for more Torah Adventures with Lucas. We will be exploring, you know it, you guessed it: Toldot.

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