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Ok, we left last week with a few difficult stories, really difficult. But this week we take a left turn and then another left turn and then a right turn, so 180°, you might say!

We start the narrative with sad news: Sarah has died. Her life has come to an end. Hence the title of the Parsha, “The lifetime of Sarah” -and please, don’t take my word for it, my Hebrew is worse than my german. And I am terrible at German!. I got that from my beloved Sefaria! (Again, not sponsored or affiliated with them, I just really like what they are doing!)

I find it interesting that we are now talking about burial traditions or at least the beginning of them. And later on Weddings!If there is a rabbi in the house please correct me if I am wrong, but this is the first time that someone does not just “walk with G-d” or “Went to G-d” or was killed.  Not this time. 
This time Sarah dies, and she deserves a burial worth of her status as our queen: Sarah Malkah (also, this is probably my second favourite Hebrew name!)

So Abraham goes far and beyond, gets a plot of land from a guy called Ephron the Hittite. The son of someone called Zohar. Why is this important? I have no idea. Ask a rabbi! But it is mentioned a lot!
That would be our first story of the day. 

Chayei Sarah Parsha Map - Story 29 - Burial of Sarah
Chayei Sarah Parsha Map – Story 29 – Burial of Sarah

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